A Guide To Istanbul: What To Do On The Asian Side

When it comes to travelling around Istanbul, the European side gets most of the attention since many of the historical places are located on the European side. However, what makes Istanbul such a special city is the fact that it is located on both continents: Europe and Asia. In this case, it wouldn’t be fair not to explore the Asian side. 

We have prepared this little guide to introduce you to some of the key locations on the Asian side that you will surely enjoy visiting.


Beylerbeyi Palace is located in Uskudar and it was built in the 1860s. It was used during the summer by Sultan Abdulaziz. Due to his love for the sea, sea themes were painted on some of the ceilings in the palace. In fact, Sultan Abdulaziz himself drew some of the patterns for inspiration.


Kuzguncuk is one of the cutest districts that you can visit in Istanbul. Kuzguncuk is known for its colorful, two-storey, wooden houses. Unlike the metropolitan aspect of Istanbul, Kuzguncuk offers a cozy environment where everybody knows each other. Kuzguncuk is also known for being a hub of different cultures and beliefs exist peacefully. 


You can go to the Camlica Hill, which is the highest point in Istanbul, to view the entire city. You can eat or drink something while enjoying the beautiful view whether at sunset to see the famous Istanbul silhouette or at night to see the city light up and come alive.


Moda is one of the most interesting places that you can go to Istanbul with a

lot of little cafes and museums. Moda is known for being the home of hipsters of Istanbul. So if you enjoy such fun and quirky places, definitely check this one out. 


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