Between Europe And Asia: How To Cross Between The Continents In Istanbul

Istanbul is a unique city that hosts two continents: Europe and Asia. Since there are two different continents only separated by the Bosphorus in between, there are several ways how you can cross between Europe and Asia.

In this list, we have gathered all the different ways as to how you can do that whether you are traveling by public transportation or a private vehicle or a taxi except for the regular ways such as a bus or metro.


Marmaray is a special project that allows crossing between the continents through a deep tunnel located underneath the Marmara Sea. Marmaray is nothing different than a regular subway that takes you across in only a few minutes. You will not even realise that you are underneath the sea. 



Metrobus basically involves busses that have their own dedicated road that is not involved with the regular traffic which allows you to travel fast in a city like Istanbul.



The Bosphorus bridge, the Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridge and the Yavuz Sultan Selim bridge are the three bridges in İstanbul that connect the two continents together. If you are travelling by a private car, taxi or a bus, these are the options for you to cross over. Do not forget that these are high traffic options. 


This is another way of crossing over if you are traveling by a private car or a taxi. Eurasia Tunnel is a deep tunnel that goes underneath the Marmara Sea, very much like Marmaray, built only for motor vehicles to use. 


The ferry is probably the most fun way of traveling between Europe and Asia. You can cross over in about an hour while watching the beautiful view of the city and feeling the breeze coming from the sea.


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