Communication In Istanbul: How And Where To Buy A Sim Card And Which One To Choose

Keeping in touch with your family and loved ones as well as followingclosely what is happening around the world is important while travelling. Oh, and of course sharing those amazing travel photos on Instagram. In this case, it is crucial to choose the best mobile provider that fits your needs with the best price range. 

There are three different mobile providers in Turkey: Turkcell, Vodafone and Turk Telekom. We will look into each of them in detail for you.


Vodafone seems to be the most expensive option with lower 4G coverage compared to the other mobile providers. The cheapest options starts at 110 TL (around $30) for only 1 GB data and 100 minutes local call. 100 minutes local call, 1 hour international call and 2 GB data is 160 TL ($45). The price only goes on higher and higher as the minutes and gigabytes increase. 


Turk Telekom is definitely much cheaper than Vodafone and has a better 4G coverage. Turk Telekom offers unlimited texting and calling for free in all of their packages. The packages start with 3 GB data option for 100 TL. 6 GB for 130 TL and 10 GB for 160 TL. Compared to Vodafone, Turk Telekom is definitely a way better option.


Turkcell is the cheapest option of all yet it is has the best 4G coverage. Turkcell has a standard option for tourists with 3 GB data, 500 minutes calling and 1000 text for 95 TL. 

You can see that the best options seem to be either Turk Telekom or Turkcell, depending on what you need. You can always visit their stores and talk to them to learn all the details. Do not forget that, when buying a sim card, you need to bring your passport. 


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