Famous Turkish Rugs And Where To Buy Them

Turkish rugs have been quite a famous decorative piece all around the world. Turks started to create rugs around the 8th century for the decoration of their homes. These rugs were hand woven carefully with high-quality materials. The rugs were in all shapes and sizes with geometric patterns or animal designs. Turkish rugs were not only for decorative use but also for the warmth of the house. They were placed both on the floor and on the walls to keep the house warm. Especially after the 12th century, making hand woven rugs became a form of art. Women who were the masters of this art started to reflect their inner world to these rugs, creating many different patterns and designs. The most popular materials used to create these rugs were wool and silk. While the carpet making evolved around the world and started to be made by machines, Turkish rugs remained as a form of art, made carefully by hand, almost writing a story to each knot. 

Even though there are rugs made by machines in Turkey, hand woven rugs are still an important part of the culture

Çınar Halı is the best carpet maker in Turkey as they are world famous and

have won many awards regarding their craft. If you are looking for high-quality rugs that are made from high-quality materials to invest in, this shop is the perfect place to visit. Grand Bazaar is, on the other hand, is a heaven for rug lovers. You can find any kind of rug -from kilim to hali- at any price range and at any quality in Grand Bazaar. Even though there are many shops, it is still important to find a good one. Sisko Osman isa very well known rug seller in Grand Bazaar who has many antique, hand woven rugs. He does not only sell rugs but he can also tell you a lot about the rugs, their history and significance.


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