Istanbul Kart: A Guide To What It Is And How To Get It

Istanbul Kart is a boarding pass for all the public transportation services found in İstanbul. It is a prepaid card that you can reload when needed. 

It is the most cost effective and fast way of getting around in İstanbul, therefore we recommend that you buy one of these cards to benefit from its advantages.


The card can be used for different types of public transportation such as the

bus, metrobus, metro, tram, ferry and so on. It is much cheaper than buying a seperate ticket each time you want to get on a bus or metro. Since it is prepaid, once you charge the card, you can go without worrying about tickets or money for at least a few days depending on how much you paid. By having İstanbul Kart, you can save 40% of your money when compared to the normal ticket fees. Another advantages of the İstanbul Kart is that you can make up to 5 transfers in two hours and pay much less fee each time. 



The major transit stops such as the ones in Sultanahmet, Eminonu or Taksim provide İstanbul Kart for those who want to buy it. You need to pay 7 TL for the card itself and then you can load money on the card. The first time you use the card, 2,60 TL will be charged and then with each transfer within two hours you will pay less and less. You can load around 20 TL for two days as a recommendation however, this can change according to the places you visit in a day and whether you are travelling alone or not. The best part is that you can return the card once you are done and refund your 7 TL that you paid for the card

itself. You can use the Biletmatik devices that are in yellow and black colors to load your card with cash. 


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