Istanbul: The City Of Cats

If there is one very interesting and heart-warming fact about Istanbul, it is

the fact that Istanbul is home to thousands of cats. While you are wandering through the streets of Istanbul, you will almost always come across stray cats that are either lazily sunbathing or coming up to you to say hello. Whether you are walking or sitting in a cafe, there are going to be cats coming up to you to receive a little love and maybe some food for the fun of it. 

If you are a cat person, you are going to enjoy your trip to Istanbul immensely. 

The inhabitants of Istanbul love and respect cats. It is said that this is partly due to the effect of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad’s love and care for cats. It is estimated that there are more than 100.000 cats in Istanbul. While the cats are loved and cared all over Turkey, Istanbul has become the most famous place known for cats.

There are small cat houses along with food and water wherever you go. Cats are usually really clean and well fed due to being cared for literally everyone.

If you go to a restaurant, it is unlikely for the waiters to shoo the strays, they always offer them food if they see them hungry. Many cafes let the cats roam in and sleep on the laps of their customers. Most of them provide food and water as well. If you see a butcher shop, look around closely and you will realize that there are cats around it as the butchers tend to feed the cats with meat as much as they can. Since the public is so loving towards the cats, the cats are also loving towards the humans in Istanbul. If they ever come to say hello to you, do not hesitate to pet them or feed them. They will show you even more affection!


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