Turkish Fabrics: Where To Buy Fabrics In Istanbul

Turkish fabrics are famous all around the world since the era of the Ottomans. Turkish fabrics are known to be unique not only due to their designs but also the materials and weaving techniques used. It is estimated that there are approximately 650 names associated with different types of Turkish fabrics. The Turkish fabrics are famous for their floral designs such as tulips and roses, pastoral designs with trees like cypress, animals such as deer, fruits or astronomical such as crescent moon and stars. When it comes to the fabric itself, there are three main types of Turkish fabrics: wool, cotton and silk. Cotton and wool were both produced in Turkey and imported, however, silk was produced in Turkey and exported to other countries.

In fact, Turks were known for their skill in weaving silk all over the world.


When it comes to the traditional arts and artisans of Turkey, the Grand Bazaar is the first place that comes to mind. Harbouring many examples of Turkish traditions, Grand Bazaar is a perfect place to start exploring for the kind of fabric you wish to buy. It would be best to decide what type of fabric you want in which colors and designs in order to make the process of shopping easier. Since there are

many, maybe hundreds of different shops that sell fabrics in Grand Bazaar, it is best to explore each of these shops, talk to the shop owners about the fabrics and most importantly examine the fabrics yourself. High-quality fabric gives itself away by a simple touch. Therefore, decide which shop has the best quality fabrics yourself by feeling the fabrics. After comparing the prices, settle on shopping from your favorite shop among all. Do not forget to haggle for the price, especially if you are buying fabric in large amounts.


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