What Can You Do With 100 Tl In Istanbul?

100 TL is not much when it comes to the prices that are getting higher and higher in Turkey. If you will be out all day long and plan to visit historical places or museums, 100 TL may not be enough for you. As of June 2019, 1 dollar equals 5,87 Turkish liras. Istanbul is actually quite budget friendly for foreigners due to the exchange rate. 

However, if you wish to see what you can do with a 100 TL and travel around like a local, keep on reading.

The food prices in Istanbul vary a lot. Mid-range restaurants have higher prices. A three-course meal for two can actually sum up to 100 TL which would be the end of the day for someone with 100 TL for a day. You can also try the street food along with inexpensive restaurants. Inexpensive restaurants serve meals for around 30 TL which is quite reasonable. Street food such as doner, kebab, durum or kumpir can be found for around 15-20 TL. This means that you can eat food at reasonable prices and still have quite a bit of money left for a day.

Public transportation is fairly cheap in Istanbul. At first, you pay 2,60 TL for public transportation and if you keep on transferring, the price gets lower and lower. Therefore, in a day where you visit several places using public transportation, the price you need to pay wouldn’t go over 10 TL. 

If you wish to visit historic places and museums, 100 TL is barely enough. The entry fee for Hagia Sophia is 60 TL as well as Topkapi Palace. The entry fee for the Galata Tower is 20 TL while the mosques and bazaars are completely free to visit.

For 100 TL, you can easily eat food 2-3 times a day, travel around and visit

mosques, explore the streets and bazaars of Istanbul. You can also add one visit to either Hagia Sophia or Topkapi Palace into your list to complete the 100 TL budget for a day.


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