What To Do In Istanbul In One Day

Sometimes the visitor have short amount of time when visiting a certain place due to transferring from one city to another. It is better to explore that city before moving onto your next location. 

If your have a similar situation where you have only one day to visit İstanbul, this guide may be exactly what you are looking for.


You might want to start your tour with Sultanahmet square, the most popular and historical area in İstanbul. You definitely should visit the Blue Mosque which is the pillar of Sultanahmet, located right at the center of it. It is famous with its blue painted ceilings. From there, you should immediately go to Hagia Sophia which is the most famous structure in the entire İstanbul. Hagia Sophia was built as a church in the 6th century during the Roman Empire era and it was turned into a mosque in 16th century by the Ottomans who took over İstanbul. Now it is a museum for you to see the both aspects of this magnificent structure. From Hagia Sophia, you can go to the Topkapi Palace which was the home of the Ottoman Sultans as well as the headquarters of the Ottoman Empire. 

Beyazıt, Eminönü and the Bosphorus

After finishing off with the Sultanahmet area, you can head off to the Beyazıt district which is nearby to visit the Grand Bazaar which is a covered shopping area with 4.000 shops and 61 streets. Enjoy exploring the Turkish tradition right here. You can also visit the Spice Bazaar located close by. Then, you can go to Eminönü and eat fish there and hop on to a Bosphorus cruise to experience İstanbul on a different level and enjoy the beautiful view. 


You can either end your visit here or you can go on exploring a little bit

more if you have enough time. Next stop is Beyoglu. You should definitely check out the Galata Tower and see İstanbul from the top of the tower which offers the panoramic view of the entire city. While you are there you can eat or drink something as well. Then you can walk a little and reach the Taksim square and see the Republic Monument built in 1928. From there, you can immediately start exploring the famous İstiklal Street which is a quite long street, where an old, nostalgic, red tram goes through, that is full of shops, cafes, restaurants and bars for your entertainment. 


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