Where To Buy Property In Istanbul: A Guide To Choosing The Best District For Your Needs

Istanbul is a city that does not only attract attention to its history but also with being one of the largest cities in the world. Istanbul is also the center for economy, trade, commerce and culture due to its location where Europe and Asia meet, making the city a uniquely important place all around the world. The rapidly increasing population of Istanbul also increases the demand for new properties whether it is the locals, immigrants or tourists. As a metropolitan city, Istanbul is full of opportunities when it comes to real estate in order to meet the demand of the increasing population. With each passing day, there are new real estate projects are being built around the city that are suitable for everyone’s needs and budget. Therefore, it is crucial to know exactly why you wish to buy property in Istanbul. Do you want to live in Istanbul? Are you going to pass your retirement days in Istanbul or are you going to work in Istanbul? Do you wish to only invest in a property in Istanbul and not live there? Are you looking for the best property that can give you the most profit over the years? These are all the basic questions that you need to answer before deciding on where to buy a property. Because depending on your needs, the district that is suitable for you will change. For example, if you are going to work in Istanbul, what is important for you is the transportation options, closeness to work and a place that can provide you with all the basic needs such as a shopping center, cleaning or concierge services to save you time in your busy schedule.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a profitable property, you might want to go for the districts that are rapidly increasing in value in the recent years and that have the potential to gain even more value in time.

When deciding to buy a property in Istanbul, one of the main decisions you have to make is choosing whether to live in European side or the Asian side of Istanbul. Considering all of your needs and wishes, you can make a decision between the two. If you are looking for a place that is quiet and away from the center, you might want to opt for the Asian side. However, if you wish to live in the middle of the city where history and people come together, you might want to opt for the European side. Each side has its own advantages and disadvantages, therefore, it is important to do your research regarding both of the continents to choose the one that fits your needs the best.

If you wish to live in the Asian side but still want to live in a central location that is close to all the shopping areas and entertainment centers, you may consider Goztepe area which is located in Kadikoy. This way you would also be close to the European side if you wish to cross continents frequently due to the variety of public transportation options you have. The area is also advantageous with its closeness to some of the most prestigious state universities and hospitals. It is also fairly close to the business centers if that is an important aspect of your property search.

If you are more interested in a district on the Asian side of Istanbul that is a business center, Atasehir is a perfect choice. It is not only perfect because of the job opportunities nearby but it is also perfect since it is in close proximity to Kadikoy which is the heart of the Asian side. Living in Atasehir would be great since it allows its residents to have a variety of options by being a business center and close to the central living area of the Asian side.

For those who wish to be completely away from the city, Kartal might be a good district to check out. It is a valuable district due to its closeness to the Sabiha Gokcen Airport. You can still live in Istanbul yet be away from the chaos of central Istanbul in this district. If you are someone who prefers to travel abroad frequently, it may be a convenient choice due to its closeness to the airport.

If you have decided to be at the heart of Istanbul, the European side, then you have a lot more options. Sisli is a modern district that is in central Istanbul. It is an area known for its closeness to the entertainment centers such as Beyoglu. Sisli also has many different public transportation options that allow you to travel around the city quite easily. Reaching the historic sites in Istanbul is also very easy if you are living in Sisli. Sisli is not only great for being central but it is also great for the investors as there are new real estate projects are being built every single day.

Bahcelievler has become a popular area in Istanbul in terms of real estate. It is close to the central Istanbul and known for its closeness to Bakirkoy, the district that harbors entertainment centers and shopping areas on the European side. Due to being a central district, Bahcelievler provides many different public transportation options that reach the entire city.

Another area that is a great option for the investors on the European side is Beylikduzu. Beylikduzu has been rapidly increasing in value over the last years as there are many real estate projects are being built. Beylikduzu is one of the most popular districts in Istanbul due to providing property options for anyone from any income range. Even though the district is relatively away from central Istanbul, it includes anything you may need from hospitals to universities, from business centers to shopping centers. Beylikduzu also offers a wide range of public transportation services for the residents to reach anywhere in the entire city in a short amount of time.

Another central location on the European side is Basın Ekspres Road. It is

an incredibly valuable area due to its location known for its closeness to simply everywhere in the city. It has connections to TEM and E5 highways, business districts such as Maslak and entertainment districts such as Beyoglu. Basın Ekspres Road is also known for being close to the new Istanbul Airport which increases its value even more. It also provides access to all the different public transportation services, making it easy to reach anywhere quite easily.

These are some of the districts that are either popular when it comes to investing or great areas for living that we think you should consider when buying a property. However, these recommendations should not stop you from doing in-depth research of the districts in Istanbul. When it comes to choosing a district, there is much more to it than only making a profit. Especially if you are planning to live in Istanbul, you should definitely visit the districts you have in mind to get to know the neighbourhood and its surroundings and see if it is a good option for you. There are many other great districts in Istanbul that may be what you are looking for. Therefore, we highly recommend you to do your own research before deciding on buying a property in a certain district.


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