Where To Buy Turkish Towels Otherwise Known As Peshtemals In Istanbul?

Peshtemals are Turkish towels that were frequently used after the traditional Turkish bath that includes hot steam and a good massage. Peshtemal is a much thinner towel compared to the towels we know and use today due to being flat-woven, however, it is extremely absorbent. Peshtemals are great in terms of being lightweight and versatile. They are made out of cotton, they are silky smooth towels and feel amazing against the bare skin. They can be used as bath towels or as beach towels to dry yourself off after swimming. Peshtemals come in handy due to drying very quickly, almost in no time which is why many people prefer them over the usual modern towels.

Traditionally, peshtemals have colorful stripes on solid white cloth. Nowadays, peshtemals have also caught up with fashion and they come in many different colors and patterns. It is a common occurrence for the visitors of Istanbul to leave the city with a lot of peshtemals after using them. 

They are great for personal use and they make great gifts.

It is important to find quality peshtemals as the cotton used in making the peshtemals affects their quality and absorbance to a degree. In any case, Grand Bazaar is the place to look for peshtemals as with any traditional and

cultural item. You can find quality peshtemals in the Grand Bazaar in many different colors, patterns and sizes for reasonable prices. Since there are many different shops in grand Bazaar, it would be a good idea to visit a couple of shops, examine the cloth quality, compare prices and consider the variety that they offer before deciding to buy peshtemal from a particular shop. We hope you enjoy using them as many seem to do!


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