Which Airlines To Choose When Travelling To Istanbul?

Travelling is an important event that needs to be planned in detail depending on your destination, budget as well as your needs and wishes. In this case, there are a lot of different airlines that you can choose considering where you are travelling from. In this list, we have tried to gather one of the most popular and successful airlines in the world that you can choose to travel with. However, you may wish to travel by another airline that is popular in your own country with reasonable prices that are suitable for your budget at the same time

. We have prepared this list to give you a general overview and a guideline to follow in case you want the best options out there.


Qatar Airways is a global airline that reaches to 160 destinations in the world between six continents. Even though it is a relatively new airline being founded in 1997, Qatar Airways managed to earn a 5-star rating. It also won the award by Skytrax, Voted Airline of the Year in the years of 2011, 2012, 2015 and 2017. Qatar Airways is also famous for offering the most luxurious and comfortable journey even in the business class. Qatar Airways offer an amenity kit to every passenger and provides toys and games for children when it is pre-ordered. You can even send text messages due to their in-air mobile service. Most of their aircraft also have Wi-Fi connection. 


Emirates was established in 1985 with only two aircraft. Now Emirates is flying with more than 265 aircraft to more than 155 destinations around the world amongst 80 countries. Emirates is famous for its luxurious offerings even in the business and economy class and their hospitality. Each seat has an entertainment system with 2,500 channels. Business class offers services such as massage chairs, private booths, champagne, free drinks during the flight, a blanket as well as delicious meals. Emirates is also known for being punctual. 63% of the flights arrive within a span of 15 minutes of the planned time. Their average delay is around 17.2 minutes in general terms. 


Turkish Airlines is the national airline of Turkey that can reach to 304 destinations in the continents America, Africa, Europe and Asia. They are known to fly to more countries than any other airline. Turkish Airlines won the Best Airline in Europe award by Skytrax in 2011, 2014, 2015 and 2016. Turkish Airlines is also one of the most punctual airlines with an average of below 15 minutes. 


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